About us

“logistics without data is unthinkable”



In 1990 Logistore customers expressed a need to translate their product ranges into trustworthy logistical Masterdata. The solution presented itself in the form of the Multiscan Masterdata platform. At the same time the manufacturer of this device was looking for a reliable dealer for the benelux region, this was the start of a succesfull relationship.

Market leader in Europe:

The need for reliable masterdata, the oil that keeps the supply chain running smooth, is a bare nessecity in today’s logistics.

The KHT/Logistore LDS cooperation is a market leader in Europe. LDS also Supports KHT outside of europe through sales of software, additional hardware and by providing technical support.

An added plus is that the logistical knowhow within Logistore insures that customers do not just buy a product, they can benefit from this knowledge to create a custom solution based on their specific processes and needs.

Driven by results

This goes for all concepts and project undertaken by Logistore and Logistore LDS. We will put all our knowledge and experience to work in order to advise you where and how you can optimalise your masterdata collection process and how you can achieve improvements when putting this data to use in your supply chain.

Why choose Logistore LDS?

Working with incorrect data can have far reaching consequences, and thats where Loogistore offers high quality solutions, and not only with Multiscan. The need for correct masterdata has led to the creation of a separate division within Logistore: Logistic Data Solutions. The LDS team is constantly working and supporting our clients in the field of masterdata collection, and also uses its extensive industry knowledge in providing other tools and software developed by Logistore to provide you with the best solution possible.

Listen, Think, Advise and Support.