Multiscan: the basis for your masterdata solution

Fast and reliable Scanning for non-symmetrical products and packages..

Multiscan is a dimension scanner that determines the lenght, width, height and weight of your products in mere seconds. Specially designed for the awkward shapes and speedy processing of the information, be it into your SKU masterdata or into your job file for shipping transactiosn

Stationary or mobile, the choice is yours. With the Multiscan placed on its own specially designed trolley you can manouevre the Multiscan trough your warehouse effortlssly and wirelessly, avoiding the need to bring every single product to the machine. Alternatively Multiscan can be combined with rollers and conveyors where volume necessitates a quick and reliable method for recording dimensions.

Custom Solution

In combination with the MD connect software package and the DataFlowController (both designed by LDS) and other complementary hardware solutions you can design and build a fully customised to meet your own specific needs.


Populates customised data entry fields.

MDConnect is a software package designed by LDS with the customer in mind.

This solution allows you to add pictures and multiple fields of extra information to the standard output of the machine. Popular uses are: Barcode, packaging unit, pictures, additional size information (inner/outer dimensions)

You will have a complete picture of every product to automatically upload into your now accurate WMS/ERP systems.


DataFlow Controller

If you prefer to upload the basic output of the machine into your WMS/ERP system in realtime we reccomend using the DFC.

This hardware solutions is designed by LDS to save time and eliminate manual entry of data into your system and avoid keying errors.


Multiscan 600/800/1200

Dimension scanner with infrared light grid and integrated scale.

Scans logistical masterdata(l x w x h x pds) of (non)symmetrical products

Range up to 1200 mm.

Links with every ERP/WMS system

Available in fixed or mobile versions

User friendly design and interface

USB Connection for additional hardware(barcode scanners etc.)

On line long distance software trouble shooting as part of the support package.

An optional textile module measures the compressability of textiles for packaging and shelving problem solving.


Additional tools

Digital tape measure

The digital tape measure allows you to enter data of products that do not physically fit onto the multiscan platform. Data is transferred via a bluetooth connection to Masterdata connect.

digital measure
digital caliper

Digital caliper

The digital caliper allows you to make very precise measurements for technical products, for instance internal dimensions.

Barcode scanner

If you wish to combine your masterdata with product numbers or ean codes you can connect a barcode scanner to the multiscan masterdata platform thus avoiding human interference in data entry.


Maintenance and technical support

LDS will take care of installing, maintaining and repairs of your multiscan masterdata platform.

In the unlikely event of a technical issue arrising we can deal with this on line. Other problems or repairs can be dealt with by our technical experts on site.

LDS offers a variety of options for purchasing or leasing.

For longterm use purchasing or leasing is a good option, but we also offer a rental options for short-term users. We will gladly advise you in selecting the best option for your project and indicate a payback period for your Multiscan investment. We can provide analysis and modelling support to help your busines case, but the key points we need to understand are:

· The size of your product range

· The turn over of SKU’s in your portfolio, range changes, seasonal influences etc.