How logistic master data got me to Norway - thank you, Marlink A/S

10 November 2018

‘You always wanted to go to Norway, right? Well, you can. Use the LOGISTORE-van.’

A really great offer for a student. Maybe too great? I have not regretted it for a second. True, during office hours I only saw the warehouse and the products of Marlink AS in Stavanger. But I also had the travel adventure, the evenings and the weekend. What an amazing country.

master data logistics

Dimensions - weight - picture

The sister company, Marlink B.V. in Rotterdam, already rented a MultiScan - scan solution for articlemasterdata - in June 2018. Because no capacity could be made available for the scan process this client chose the option renting with operator.

By starting the measuring- and weighing process with a trained operator:
• instruction/starting time is avoided
• the hard- and software is used correctly from the first measurement onwards
• Chances of damage by inexperienced use of this exact instrument are limited

I only needed to ask my Norwegian colleague a question once in a while allowing him to focus on his own work.

Reliable accurate master data in company subsidiaries

With Rotterdam as a successful introduction we got a request for a similar exercise at Marlink AS in Stavanger. Norway as a destination had long been on my wish list. And of course as a student Logistics Engineering a holiday job that overlaps with your field of study is a nice bonus.

Shipment: exact weight and volume of the order

Marlink delivers - very simply said - articles for IT- and connectivity solutions for maritime and business clients. One can think of IT-installations on big ships and platforms at sea. In both Rotterdam and Stavanger the way goods are shipped plays a central role. The arcticle master data are mainly used for efficient and cost aware packing and shipping.

“Varebeholdning” (article master data) per SKU

For about 1400 articles I have scanned and recorded the following data and learned some Norwegian along the way:

• article code (using barcodescanner)
• Length (Lengde), breadth (Bredde), height (Høgde) and weight (Vekt)
• Box or single piece
• Gross weight
• Product photograph
• Hazardous goods (for example lithium batteries)

These data enter a CSV-file as a complete datarecord via the software so the client can enter it into their own system.

One taste is not enough

The cooperation with the people of Marlink went seamless. The employees spoke very good English. I got spontaneous tips on where to get great food for a fine price (a challenge in Norway!) and I was even invited to join my new colleagues for an evening.

These hospitable Norwegians were very easy to adjust to. Getting used to the long hours of daylight is another story. Nevertheless, I would volunteer for another trip to Norway.

(How) do you use your product master data?

Marlink's primary need for product masterdata pertained to the packing and shipping. Previous scanning projects I did as MultiScan operator concerned use of storage capacity and efficient order picking.
I guess because logistics is getting more digital very fast accurate product master data have become a 'must have'.

What I really did last summer?

Do you have a trip to Norway on your to-do-list and would you like to know more about my adventures in Stavanger? Feel free to call or mail me. If you do, I can tell you all about the beautiful places I have seen, where I ate fantastic fish dishes and why you should be careful about which songs you sing in an Irish pub.

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